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Most of us document our lives through events that mark certain achievements we’ve attained. These events left deeper impressions on our minds as it represents fulfilling milestones that we have set out to accomplish. Many identify these milestones as life goals, some of these are conservative while others are ambitious, some are humble while others are noble. Nonetheless, one common respect that we all share is that everybody has their individual life goals to reach.

We’ve been seeking for the answer as to what we desire to achieve. We spend our waking hours going through the daily grind of pursuing knowledge, money, relationships, fame or power. However, all this are essentially a matter of two of our greatest yearning, to realize freedom and happiness. We all want to be away from the rat-race that we are caught within, to be outstanding at school, to have our performance validated at work, to constantly keep up with our image that is placed under the scrutiny of family, loved ones, friends and foes. Even if we disregard the judgement of others, its difficult to ignore the expectations for ourselves we have stowed under our own discerning eyes.

Growing up, I’ve also unavoidably noticed the socio-economic disparity between households. Majority of the middle class find it difficult to breakthrough their current lifestyle for better living standards. Living in a developed society, with the bar set higher on our expectations, any difficulty in achieving our goals may lead to some resentment. A resentment of how the society is structured, resentment of our surroundings and, above all, resentment on ourselves.

What we often fail to notice are the factors that inhibit us may not be the incapability on our part, but the inequity that is worked into our society over the years of development. Since history, oppression exist due to the fear that the privileged lose their authority over the underprivileged. I believe within us there are some that have questioned why this inequity in the society still exist up till today, after all oppression has been frowned upon by our modern day cultured minds. Well, this oppression, just like how our mindset has evolved, has morphed into a quieter albeit sneakier form, we call it “selfishness”.

Favouring finance and investments as my area of interest, I was as critical, if not more, of the industry. The financial industry has infamously gained itself a bad reputation, especially within the younger generation that were born from the 80’s to early 2000’s (the millennials), since this noteworthy group has gone through 4 major financial crisis in their transition into the working class – 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 2001 bursting of the dot-com bubble, 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis (this is hard to swallow), and the most recent 2010 European sovereign debt crisis. Going back to the selfishness that was highlighted, it breeds in many industries, from food scandals in the food industry to unjustifiable price of treatment drugs in the pharmaceuticals industry. I’ve observed this manifesting in the financial industry as much.

If you have been investing your finances, you should be familiar with the fees and transparency in a good deal of financial products or instruments that your adviser offer, no? Ever had a monthly or quarterly report of your investments that you can’t seem to grasp a good apprehension? Ever wonder why are the financial institutions getting wealthier while your investments with them seem to be less flattering? Go figure. These are questions we ought to examine.

We started Smartly with an objective to inform as well as to steer the average investor towards a more transparent investment environment everyone deserve. We want to offer a platform for anyone to invest towards a more optimistic future. The days where large financial institutions charge high, hidden fees to manage your finances without being fully transparent should be behind us. Our investment monies shouldn’t be working for the deep pockets of so-called professional money managers. Almost always, the divergence in socio-economic status is created due to such nescience. With the on-boarding of new technology, the shift into a more equitable investment landscape has arrived, leveling the opportunities and benefits among all social classes.

The roboadvisor industry is gaining much traction in sophisticated markets like U.S. and Europe. We warmly welcome you to take part in the Smartly community as we bring this new generation investment approach to the shores of Singapore.

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