What we have been up to for the past few months

Since we launched our robo-advisor in September 2017, we have quickly scaled to thousands of users who trust us to manage millions of dollars.  We would like to thank you for your continued support and for the confidence which you have placed in us.

Our core philosophy is to continuously look for ways to innovate in the asset management space; and, with an increase in interest for cryptocurrency investment, we have decided to leverage on our proven and optimised technology to provide users with a variety of investing options.

We are excited to share with you our latest development – Smartly Crypto Robo Advisor. Similar to what we have today on our platform, we would like to simplify cryptocurrency investing so that anyone can be an investor.

Phone slant v3.0

What’s next

For our existing platform – Robo advisor for traditional assets, we will continue to improve our platform and services to serve you better.

We have launched our telegram group which allows you to share your feedback directly with us. We believe this would provide more transparency on what we do and how we can improve the overall user experience. We’ll also be creating polls to find out what type of contents and features which you are most interested.


We have also revamped our Frequently Asked Questions / Help Center, and we hope that these contents will provide you with a better understanding of what we do and how things work.


For our new development – Robo advisor for cryptocurrency, we will be working on our product beta to provide you with a platform which you can easily invest, monitor and withdraw all your cryptocurrency investment from one place.

We will also be creating simple and interesting educational contents related to cryptocurrency.

It is all about you

Regardless if it is traditional assets or cryptocurrencies, it is all about helping you to achieve your financial aspirations; and we want to provide you with more options and educational contents so that you understand what you are investing.

PS: If you have any questions or concerns on how this may affect you, feel free to let us know through Intercom (our customer chat support on our platform) or our telegram group. We are more than happy to answer you 🙂

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